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Thursday, April 18th, 2002
6:06 pm
I think I'm finally at peace with myslef
Over the last few days I've been thinking...a lot. I've been going over my actions,what I've gone through past and present, etc. I was talking to Andy the other night about stuff that I needed to get off my chest. I cried and I felt better. I love it when Andy's around. He knows me so well, and he actually makes me feel good about myself. I've also know that I dread each time that I have to leave his house or hang up the phone. He's the one I'm going to spend my life with people!!!! :) *giggle in girlish glee* I've also realized how much i'm not going to miss high school. Its official that I'm graduating next year. I turned in my early grad sheet on Monday. Why do people say that High school is the best 3 years of your life? I havent found anything too great about the whole thing. The only cool thing about it, is how there are more people who are laid back and dont really care much about being popular. But i've found it to be more comforting for myslef to have more aquantances than close friends. Sure, who doesnt like a close friend or two, but I just dont need 5 million of them. When I started High school this year, I was hoping to maybe find people more like me. Well, I realized that there is noone like me...because I'm me. I was happy that I was an individual. You know? When you think of something like that, it makes you feel so good to know that you can be you, and the only person that can judge you...well is yourself. I dont want to be like the Courtney Andersons or the Janel Lawons. I want to be me with my 3 good friends and my perfect boyfriend. I've had to live life with very little, but now, I'd rather have the smaller things in life than the big things that lose importance after a while and just take up space. Life is so much easier and fun since I've gotten over a lot of things. I love myself, I love Andy, I love my family, and I love Ashley, Nichole, and Jessica, and I love all the people I've gotten the opportunity to meet and and get to know(aka the aquantances). Well, farewell for now. I hope everyone has a good day even though the weather sucks. Good bye!!


Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, March 9th, 2002
6:35 pm
Why cant I be like all the cool kids?
Ok, so I havent posted in one hell of a long time. Do I care? NO. But I figured that I was on the internet and had nothing else to do(plus no one of interest is on-line).Well, over the last month or so, it hasn't been too productive. I've been noticing just how FAKE South High is. I mean is it really that hard to just try and be yourself? I guess it is. Prime example. Savanna is in the "punk" group. She's dated 2 guys from that group and flirts with the other ones in there. One day Kensie decided she had enough of Savanna being a tart and told her that everyone is sick of her shit and they dont appreaciate being used for popularity and so on and so forth. The thing with Savanna is, is that if there is a fad, she wants to be in it. Last year it was the metal/stoner group, this year its the punk scene. But, I give it a few more days before she dumps Ben for some lame reason and is dropped from the "punk" group faster than shit. I dont get some people. Why do they go to school with the thought of "I'm going to pretend to be like these people so they'll accept me!" I'm sorry, but I've tried that, and it doesnt work at all. In fact, from what I've seen it doesnt work with anyone. Lets see, whats the word for it, um, er, oh I got it! POSER!! I just wish people could just leave well enough alone and just try being themselves for once. Christ, last year I finally got the idea that if I just TRIED being me, people would be more accepting. Hmm, noval idea isnt it? But, yeah, I just have been seeing a lot more things lately for what they really are. Like friends. They come and go, but in high school I think is the time that you really have to make some effort to be as nice to the ones you've known the longest and who have been there for you through thick and thin. I scanned through all my school friends, and Nichole and Ashley are the ones that I wont ditch for anything. Sure alot of people dont like them, but you know what? I dont care. They're my friends and if your dont like them then oh well. I'm not going to drop a few good friends because some new aquantances dont like them. Thats not what friends do to eachother. Next year is going to be my last year of school. I dont want to fuck up my chances with my life,goals, friends or anything just because a few shit heads have to add their unneeded two cents in. From now on, I'm going to think for myself, and not let anyone make choices or decisions for me. Thats why I have my OWN mind. If it had been intended on someone making up your mind for you, we'd all be sharing a mind.


Current Mood: weird
Saturday, January 12th, 2002
9:46 am
What I've Learned
Over the past few days I've been going through alot. First off, Ashley and Derek broke up. Then Brandon and Peggy broke up. Then someone was ever so nice to me and decided to post two uncalled for comments. I've had my suspions of who it may be, and that has led me to not trust some people as much anymore. I am tired of being lied to by people who I thought were my friends. How friendly is that? I mean, I used to be a little shit and lied to my friends constantly. But there is no way that you will see me lying to anyone anymore. I hate the feeling it gives me when I dont tell the truth. It's not fair at all that alot of my friends dont take into consideration of how I feel about anything. I dont know who wrote that stuff, but whoever did at least have the common courdacy to say who you are.


Current Mood: awake
Saturday, January 5th, 2002
10:50 am
Fuck it
Ok, since everyone thinks I'm a poser, and that I dont know what I'm EVER talking about, so fine....I'll just stop trying. Everytime I try and explain something that I know what I'm talking about, i get knocked down and told to shut up. So fine whatever. I'll just stay in my own little world and just keep to myslef. I wont get into anything and I'll just be numb to the world. Oh, and whoever posted the "Just so you know", I've never been a trendfucker and I fucking hate it when people accuse me of being one. I've never followed a trend in my entire fucking life. I have my own thing and I fucking stick to it.


Current Mood: pissed off
Tuesday, January 1st, 2002
11:45 am
Happy '02
Well,it's 11:45 and its 2002. Yippy. Last night was fun though. John had a gaming party and there was lots of people there.Me, Andy, Bryce and Jenny were the first ones to show up, then the rest of them gradually started coming in at about 7:30. It was nice to hang around some of the old group, but I felt really uncomfortable. I mean, even though I know that I finally fit in to their group a little, I still got the feeling as if I stll didnt belong. I know dumb girl stuff. So last night I decided I'm going to be a member of staight edge. I dont know why but it just pissed me off so increadibly much when Eric brought Saki. I mean why is it that no matter what party you go to theres either someone who brings the booze, someone who wants the booze , or the party already has it. Why cant it be just a group of friends hanging out and having fun...WITHOUT ALCOHOL?!?! I mean, I'm not going to have a shit fit if people are drinking, because its them and not me. It wasnt just lastnight that I've been contemplating it. I thought that you know, I've been clean and sober for the last 2 years, so why stop there? But yeah. So I'm joining staight edge. I got a call from Andy this morning. He has to go to the emergency room. I have a feeling he has bronchitis, but hopefully its just a sore throat. I knew he'd get sick if he kept doing 2000 at work. But it's parcially his fault too. He wears a hat and gloves, but he never wears anything warmer than his black sweater shirt. He wants me to come over today, but I have a feeling that I should just let him rest. I would like to see him, but I dont want him having something thats contagious, then having both of us sick. Well, I'm hungry and I need some hot food action.


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Monday, December 24th, 2001
5:05 pm
A patchy entry for a patchy mind
Wow, lots of stuff has been going on lately. Tomorrow is christmas so thats cool, even though I'm going to sleep in until 12:00. All I want for Christmas is a Monty Python and the Holy grail doll and I wont need anything else. I'm hopelessly obsessed with the Python. I want the box set of Flying circus but that costs a bit too much for me right now. Speaking of monies, I'm back at Giant Panda. I quit Virgos because that is the shittiest job on earth, plus my manger threatened to bring me to small claims if I didnt bring his shirt back. Hey virg, guess what: YOUR AN OLD FUCK!!! But yeah, I finally gave into Lisa and went back to Giant Panda for a whopping 5.65 an hour. On Wednesday, I passed my KUMDO test so now I'm 5th Guep. I was really happy 'bout that. I also relaized how much I cant stand some of the people I go to school with. Some of my friends(reminder:fargo people automaticly suck balls) can eat shit for all I care right now. You know what bothers me though. Is how my friends are 15-18 and some still act like they're in 5th grade. I'm tired of Brandons poo jokes and him wanting to expose himself to everyone. Why is it that if you have a boyfriend, one of your guy friends who is notorious for being Captin Hornball 2001 will keep trying to mack on you? Guys suck. But I'd rather be a guy sometimes, because lets face it, chicks suck too. If this post seems to be really patchy, thats because I'm just typing the first things that come to mind. I want lots of anime. I'm really getting into it. I want to learn how to draw too, so I have something to do when I'm at home. I want to hang out with people. I get calls all the time, its just that I'm too busy working or at KUMDO to return any of them. SORRY GUYS!!! :( Well, I'm going to watch a little Monty Python and maybe go to sleep until my Grandparents get here. Bye bye my loveable readers.


Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, November 8th, 2001
10:19 am
Status Check
Everyone (fargo that is) has been on my balls because they think I'm ignoring them and I hate them. So here's what I think of all my friends(including Moorhead).

Andy: I love him SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!
Ashley: She's not that bad anymore. She can still be super dumb, but you know what, thats ok!
Ben: I havent talked to him in a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG ass time. But, he's still my bud.
Brandon: Sometimes I really wish I knew what that boy was thinking. Whatever it is, i hope its normal.
Bryce: Hes so cool. I've been hanging out with him and Jenny lots lately.
Charlie: He's one critical bastard sometimes. If anyone knows how to push a persons buttons its him....but at least hes trys to still be nice.
Derek: He's cool with me now. Not that bad to be around for a while.
Gabe: Hes a weak vegitarian girl, but he's still a really cool guy. GO 20 SB!!
Jayson: He's my hero, and Savanna is the father of his child.
Jenny: She is truly the DDR queen. She's cool as hell too!!
Jessica: She's my little Morman!! I still think she should dye her face red again....
Josh: I still cant figure out if he still wants to be friends or not. But, at least we were able to clear some things up.
Kensie: She's my vegan hero.
Logan: For a guy, he looks really good in womens clothing.
Megan: I know that she can be super weird, but I think its cool cause she can do what she wants and not give a flying fuck what others think.
Nichole: Now, she's actually turning normal. I hope she stays this way.
Savanna: I really think that me and her should hang out more often.
Staci: She's a really cool chick. Now she's finally being broken into the group.
Trevor: He's the Fat Albert god. His band is really good too.

Well, thats it. Theres a lot of inside jokes in here, and if you dont get them then too damn bad!!!!! Well I hope to talk to some of my peoples sometime.


P.S To anyone who's interested, Monday is mine and Andy's one year anniversarry.

Current Mood: hungry
Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
5:24 pm
I want to scream until my vocal cords bleed
Ok, I'm 15 and Andys 17. I'm a sophomore, he's a senior. I'm going into 11th next year, he's going to college. I know whats going to happen, I just know it. I'm encredibly sad because I have a gut feeling that after Andy gets ready for college, I'll wont be important to him anymore. I'll be the little kid and He'll be the adult. I'm so sick and fucking tired of losing the things that I love. This happens to me all the time. I mean even though theres the chance that none of this will happen, but its the small chance that it could thats making me upset. I cant talk about this to anyone because no one will want to hear it. I feel so sick right now and I'm just aching to talk to a person, but I cant. If I talk to my mom she wont care. I'll hear the same damn thing I've heard before; "You're too young to be feeling things like this. Theres other people out there." I DONT WANT THERE TO BE ANOTHER PERSON!!! I want to stay with Andy, share a life with him. He is my first actual true love and I dont want to lose that. Without Andy, I dont know what I'd be able to do. I mean, I know that he's going to be going to college and I dont want to get in the way of that, but I'm scared that he's not going to be interested in a high school kid. Great, I'm crying. Fuck. Well, I'm sure that anyone whos reading this could care a less right now, so I'm just going to go and save you time.


Current Mood: worried
Saturday, September 15th, 2001
7:58 pm
My heart goes out to all of those who lost somone close
Its been a really long time since I've been able to update. I know this is a little out dated, but I want to talk about the recent terrorist attacks.When I got home from school, I watched the news coverage non-stop. I was a little put off by Bush's statement though. I dont like the idea that we just go and start fighting with a country we think is to blame. Sure, I dont doubt either that Bin Laden isnt innocent, but what if something really unexpected happens? I mean who knows who Afganistan has ties with and would be more than willing to help. Thats what I fear. That if america is so sure that Afganistan and Bin Laden are to blame and attack, I personally think we'll be fucked. I know damn well that 90% of the other middle eastern countries will pact together since almost all of them hate the US, they would be more than willing to help. War is something I never wanted to see go on in my lifetime. I never thought that one day I'd have to see our country attacked in such a maliscious way. That the possibilities of a world war is all too close. I hate war, I hate the thought of even more people dying, I hate the way we hate things and people alike. Peace on earth will never happen, and with such acts as this, proves it even more. I hope everyone prays for nothing to happen. Pray for loved ones, people you dont even know, for the families and victoms. I'm still saddened about all of this and I wish I could do something to help, but I know theres not much I can do. I wish for the best out come of all this. I love the country I'm in and I have great pride in being american, and I just hope that after all is said and done, there wont be too much damage inflicted on to the world and it inhabitors.


Current Mood: drained
Sunday, September 2nd, 2001
10:36 am
Just to let everyone know I'm still alive
Its been one hells of a long time since I've been able to post. I've been doing soooo much lately that I havent really had the time to go on the net.One of the coolest things happened to me though. On Aug 20th, me and Andy went to the Crystal Method concert.When we got there, some local dj was playing and he was ok. After he was done with his set, Uber Zone came on. We were right in front and the music was sooo loud and good. Since this was Andys "first" concert, he wasnt used to the insane loudness. So we went over by where water was being sold and sat down. I was just kinda looking around and watching people dancing, when I glance over to where the merchandice was being sold and I saw Scott from Crystal Method. I'm like "Andy! Thats one of the guys from Crystal Method!!" Andy looked around and said "Uh, where?" So I stood up and had Andy follow me over to the tables. When I got close enough to him, I tapped him on the arm to get him to turn around. He looked really happy to meet me and kinda shocked that I spotted him out so quickly. Me and Andy both got to talk to him for a little bit, but when I was talking to him, he said "You know, because of people like you is the reason why we come to small towns like this." I was kinda flattered by that his comment, but it didnt really click as to how I could ever make any difference. After me and Andy got done talking to him, we went and sat back down. Andy looked really happy about getting to met Scott, and I was happy too. When Uber Zone ended their set, me and Andy got as close to the stage as we could. Then Crystal Method got on stage. Everyone just whent nuts!! After the first couple of songs, they played "Name of the game" and Ryu was there too. That was really cool!!! But me and Andy got kinda exausted from dancing so we went and took another break. Andy and I both figured that after they got done playing "Get Busy child" that they would just be like "Thanks, we had fun, good night" so we left a little early. We went back to my house completely sweat-tastic. The next day, i talked to Tabie when she got home to find out what happened at the end of the concert. "You missed the end off the concert?!?" "Uh yeah, why what happend?" I asked now starting to wonder. "Well, at the end the guy you met was like 'We had a great time in Fargo and because of people like Teresa is the reason why we come to places like this!'Then I told Cameron that that he was talking about you and he's like awesome." My jaw dropped. I was in complete disbelief. I told Andy about it and he felt kinda bad, but I wasnt really worried about it. I told him that if we would've stayed, that there would've been a high chance that never wouldve happend. So, I missed my 15 min of fame, but thats ok.I met an awsome guy and so did Andy, thats all that matters to me. Well,I have gots to go. Jeff needs the phone. So whoever reads my post and you have my number give me a call sometime. Oh and Bryce if you see this, they have a DDR machine in Pirates Den in the mall.

Saturday, August 18th, 2001
1:06 pm
Shut your fucking face uncle fucker
Wow, I am seriously BORED!!! This morning was fun though. I managed to get Andy to get away from playing Diablo 2 and fill up his tank and come over. We went over to LindenWood Park and ate some McDonalds grub. I found out that the bridge is down now, so I can just walk over to Andys instead of having him pick me up. I hope I get to do something today!!! I dont know if I was going to hang out w/ Cassie and Jenny today or not. I'll wait and see. Maybe I should call up the Gimp and we all can do something...or something. I dunno, I'm way to strung out on Pixi stix to really think strait. All I know is that I want to get out and enjoy the day. I mean, I go to school in a week, I DONT HAVE THAT MUCH TIME LEFT TO HAVE FUN!!! Oh well, theres still the weekend. I cant wait until Monday though. The Crystal Method concert is going to be so unbelievably good!!! I just hope I dont make a complete fool out of myself for my lack of dancing skills. I doubt anyone is really going to care though. Just as long as we can get to the front, I'll be happy. The Fenix,Tx tickets went down to 12 bucks again, but I cant go. I would like to, but I just cant afford it today. Maybe next time. But I have to be saving up for the Renasiance Festival in the Cities. Andy really wants me to go with him and a couple of his friends from Brainard. The thing is, is that we'll most likely stay the night there just because of how long of a drive it is. I know that my mom wont have a big problem with it, but it's Jeff that could make it so I cant go. Hmm, I'll have to talk to my mom about it sometime soon.
Our garage is almost done. My step-cousin Tony is putting some roofing stuff on the roof. I think the electrician is going to be coming out soon to start wiring the place. Andy told me last night that I should try to convince my parents to let my room be up there. I tried, and I failed...miserably. I even told Jeff that I would pay him $20 a month but HE STILL SAID NO!! Gurr. Thats ok though, I'll be getting the bigger room soon enough. I really hope that Tabie doesnt stay in the house. I know that there is a good chance she's staying in Fargo to graduate, but I know that my mom wants her out of the house ASAP. From what I've heard, my mom is going to co-sign for her to get an apartment when she turns 18(I hope, I hope, I hope). I dont really know what to think of Tabie anymore. Every other time that I see her, she's either really nice or she's the biggest bitch in the world. I know it would really help her alot if she got rid of her drug lord friends. But theres nothing we can do about her drug useage. We've tried, but she just went back to it, so whatever. Well, I'm going to try to get my mom to teach me how to drive. Bye bye

Current Mood: dorky
Thursday, August 16th, 2001
10:25 am
BongIRongTongHongDongAYong PongARongTongYong
Today, is a good day. I feel alot better that I have in a few days. I'll be able to hang out with people I havent seen in months, go swimming, eats some kicks ass foods. Ahh, I love it. I hate birthdays though. I think that they get boring after a while, but I think thats all due to the fact that I know so many people who have birthdays so close to another. But today will be fun. That would be exelant if Cassie made it. Even though I've hung around Cassie once or twice, shes still really cool. The only person I'm not looking forward to seeing is Kayla. But I'll probably ignore her 90% of the time, so whateva. Me and Derek got Ashley Blink 182's new cd, but luckely they each have different hidden tracks. I got Nichole a Nirvana cd that has a shit load of live tracks. But i have to leave early cause my grandmas coming up to Fargo supposivly. She was supposed to be here yesterday, but I doubt that she'll remember to come.
Last night was awesome!!!! I started KUMDO, and god is my body feeling it today. Mister Andrew was teaching me the basics, and he kept telling me that I was really good for a beginner. My best guess is that it probably helped watching umpteen million times. I think I'm going to do the warm ups at home though. There's no way I'll ever be able to the fist push ups, no matter how hard I try. After KUMDO, we went back to Andys house. I took a shower, and watched the tournament tape that Jarreds dad filmed. Then Bryce,Jenny, and Derek came over. We all went over to the Gate City State bank and me and Jenny watched the guys skate. We all wanted food. so we just walked about 10 feet over to Taco Bell. Then this one little fat skank comes in and starts bugging Jenny. Well, I'll continue this in a little bit. I have to jet and help Jeff get our window for our Garage.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2001
11:15 am
Too early for the internet
I should be asleep right now, but I ended up waking up at 9. Today I'm so pumped. I start KUMDO tonight. I am so nervous because I'm going ot be the only female in the class, but I'll have fun anyways. Yesterday was cool too. I went to the mall with Ashley and Brandon to get some b-day presents. I think that I got the oppourtunity to get ALOT of things off my chest about the whole Andy not getting to come. But I'm still going to try to have fun just for the sake that it's my friends party. I'm just really uncomfortable about some things, but I cant do anything about that since its not my party and I dont have any say in it whatso ever. But thats ok. Yesterday was the first time I saw Brandon in forever. He looks really cool now cause he's sprouted himself a little goatee. He's playing over at Moorhead High today for a battle of the bands. He invited me to go, but I cant get over there today. That would've been cool to see Better than Nothing again since Brandon keeps insisting that they're better since their first preformance at the Moorhead VFW. Speaking of which, I should really see how Gabe is doing. i haven't talked to him since June. I should talk to Trevor too. I feel kinda bad cause Trevors called me a couple of times, but I dont really get the chance to get back to him. Hmm, that would be so fucking awsome if we had classes together this year!!! I know that I have Drama with Nichole and Ashley this year, but I would like to know if I have anyone else in my classes. Now that I think of it, I'm more excited for school to start up again. Cause now I'm actually going to be in high school. All the new friends I can make and all the new things I'll learn. Wow. I cant believe that I'm already a sophmore. 2 1/2 more years and then I'm an adult. Wowie.I'm going to be as alid back this year as I can. I'm not going to get so worked up about the whole popularity thing. I know its not going to happen nor do I want it to happen. High school is going to be fun....at least I hope it will.

Sunday, August 12th, 2001
5:09 pm
My feet are sore and I'm doped up on sinus pills
Today at work REALLY sucked. It was unbelievably slow and Lisa wouldn't let me leave early at all. But oh well, I figured that on my next paycheck I should be getting at least 190 some dollars. Not bad at all. I need to start saving my cash for a video camera. Thats my next big investment, so anyone who wants to donate is sure welcome to it!!! Ha ha ha Nah, but these last couple of days have been really nice. Its been 100% stress free and I got to just relax. Yesterday was fun too. I went to Maple Wood state park to watch Andy and Alex in their KUMDO tournament. I'm really impressed with how hard they worked out there. Alex got 2nd place, but Andy didn't get any place because he was fighting a really cheap guy. But at least Andy wasn't mad about losing. I'm just really proud of both of them. This fall I'm definately joining KUMDO. It's such a respectable sport. I mean anyone can learn how to punch and kick, but it takes alot to learn how to use a sword effectively. I just hope I'll be able to afford it. But I think with some convincing I can get my mom to pitch in on some of the stuff. I'll take care of the uniform and the fee, but I'll at least need her to take care of the mocham(?) and junto(?) for the class. But tonight is Alex's 15th birthday and mine and Andy's 9 month mark. We got Alex Diablo 2 and I think his parents got him the enhanced verson that goes with it. Andy and I both think he'll be really happy to get it. And just incase Eric ever reads this: Happy 18th dude. Hope you'll have fun in your adult years! I'm still deciding on whether or not to post the poem that Andy gave me on here or not. It was so sweet of him to write me something. He thought it was corny, but I thought it was very nice and sweet. It had a drwing on there of me and him too. I think that the poem and the picture goes togther nicely. But I think I'll just keep the poem to myself. Well, I suppose I'd better get ready.

Thursday, August 9th, 2001
2:56 pm
I dont know why I waste my time with surveys
I got bored today and decided to clean out my folders in my e-mail. Then I came across a survey that I got a few months back. I filled it out AGAIN and decided to post it.Now everyone wo looks here can read it. Hurray for surveys!!! :)

Name: Teresa Lynn Cooper
Nicknames: Tesa and Faresha
Age: 15
DOB: 1/27/86
Sign: Aquarius
Born in: Hillsboro, Nd
City/state you live in: Fargo, Nd
Height: 56
Weight: 120
Eye color: Green
Contacts/glasses: No, but my mom thinks I'll need them soon
Hair color: Naturally dark brown, right now its pink
What famous person do you look like? I've been told Lee Lee Sobieskie
Do you think you're attractive? To a certain extent, yes.
Do you like yourself? Depends on my mood
Is the cup half-empty or half-full? Half empty
What are you afraid of? Heights and death
Best childhood memory: I dont know
Memory you miss most: My dad
Whats one thing you dont like about yourself? How I let too many things bother me and stress me out
Whats one thing you like about yourself? How open-minded I am
Religion: Baptized Lutheran
What are your bad habits? I have a short temper and I bite the skin around my fingernails.
Do you have a job? Yes, I'm a busser at a Chinese buffet
Do you have your permit? Yes
Do you have your license? No
Do you have a car? No
Do you enjoy driving? Not really, but I'm more comfortable that I've driven once or twice Do you sleep w/ stuffed animals? Yes 3
What was the first thing you thought of this morning? "Who in the hell is calling?"
What was the last thing you said? "Ok, bye"
If you could have your hair any color, what would it be? Blue
If you could get a tattoo, what and where would it be? A Celtic cross on my shoulder blade

Are your parents divorced? Yes, 8 years
Have your parents remarried? Yeah, my mom did
Parents names and ages: Laura-40 Jeff (step-dad)-43
Siblings names and ages: Hope-20 Tabie-17
Do you and your parents get along? Yeah
Do you and your siblings get along? Tabie is the only one that gives me problems
How many uncles do you have? 10-15
How many aunts do you have? 9-15
How many cousins do you have? Too fucking many
Where was the last trip you and your family went on? Beach, nd in 1997
Your Favorite things
Food: Turkey sandwiches and Pizza corner pizza (thanks Andy!)
Ice cream: Cookie dough
Candy: Pixi Stix and pb m-n-ms
Gum: Bubble gum
Smell: Vanilla
Perfume/Cologne: Ck be and Vanilla musk
Flower: Orchid and rose
Season: Summer
Animal: Cat
Sport: Baseball
Number: 8
Color: Black, Blue, and silver
Thing to wear: My khakis bells, my black baggy pants, and my 311 t-shirt
Jewelry: My blue bracelet I got at work and my finger armor
Brand of clothing: Porn star and jnco
Brand of shoes: Dont have one
Movie: Original Kings of Comedy and Macross Plus
Actor: Tom Hanks
Actress: Dont have one
Comedian: George Carlin
TV show: South Park, Jackass
Channel: Comedy central
Cartoon character: Cartman and Bubbles
Song: "Clint Eastwood"~Gorillaz
C.d: "Vegas"~Crystal Method
Singer/band: Tool, Aphex Twin, Crystal Method, Deftones, Gorillaz, Big D and the Kids Table, Blink 182, The Who, The Beatles, Bloodhound gang, etc
Lyrics: "Because today is black/because there is no turning back/because your lies have watered me/I have become the strongest 'weed' Weed..." Kinderfeid-manson
Quote: "Hey, Andy, I'm going to leave my pop here. Make sure Alex and his friends dont have any."~Derek
Things to say: Hey, Andy, I'm going to fill your fridge with food. Make sure no one eats any of it
Magazines: Spin, Circus
Board games: Hate board games
Card games: Poker and solitaire

Dream car: 77 ss Chevelle
Dream Job: Photographer
Where do you want to live? In a suburban town. Hopefully NOT in North Dakota
Were do you see yourself in 10 years? Being a photographer for a news paper or magazine
Married or single? Married
Do you want kids? Yeah, kind of
What would you name your kids? Boy-Gabriel Girl: Lydia
What type of wedding do you want? I dunno. It'd be cool if it rained on that day though
Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Amsterdam
When do you want to get married? Before I turn 30 I hope!

Smoked: Yes
Drank: Yes
Driven Drunk: No, I aint that stupid
Done drugs: Yeah, not really thrilled bout em though
Broken the law: Uh, the first questions should sum it up
Been arrested: Pretty close a couple of times
Stole: Yeah
Ran away: When I was about 8.I just went to the apartment building next door
Been in a fight: Yeah, usually against my sister now
Thought about suicide: Yes
Come close to death: Not to my knowledge
Shot a gun: Yes, but I dont like the sound of them
Been on a blind date: No, and I dont have any intentions on going on any either
Loved someone: Yes, I'm in love now
Been attracted to the same sex: No, but others insist that I am
Mooned someone: When I was little I used to
Flashed someone: Yes
Played strip poker: Yeah, but I quit after a nasty chick that was playing took off her shirt
Lied to a friend: Yes
Used someone for money: No
Regretted something: Yes

Do you believe in God? No, personal reason
Jesus: No
Angels: No
Ghosts: Yes
Life after death: in a way yes. It basically just interests me.
Christianity: I dont believe in it my self, but I know it exists
Other religions: refer to what I put for Christianity.
Homosexuals: I have nothing wrong with them. A lot of them are really cool if you just get to know them.
Abortion: Im pro choice. If you absolutely need it, get it.
Drugs: They arent as fun as some people would like to think they are. Its a waste of time and money.
True love: I love it. After you find the right person, it makes all the mistakes in the past well worth it
Music: It causes fights like you wouldn't even believe!!
Rap: Its kind of gone down hill over the last couple of years, but I still like it.
Heavy metal: I love it!!!!
Country: Nothing like getting a bunch of drunken red necks in a recording booth.
Pop: Its just a bunch of bubbly girls and no brain guys singing.

The worst song youve ever heard? She blinded me with science"
The best song youve ever heard? Cars"~Gary Newman (?)
The worst feeling in the world? Knowing that youre not going to amount to anything and youll spend your life alone.
The best feeling in the world? Having people you can rely on
Your room like? Small, kind of cluttered, two KoRn posters and a deftones poster on my walls. Basically a boring room
Your house? Its basically your typical middle class house
Your family like? Weird. Everyone in my family has some kind of quirk to them. Its kind of funny.

Vegetarian? How can you not like meat?
Good dancer: Nope
Good student: If I choose to be
Good kisser: I've been told yes and no, so I dont know
Shy person: Yeah
Nice person: I try to be
Deep sleeper: I think I am
Afraid of heights: Yes, horribly afraid
Afraid of the dark: No, never really have been.
Funny: Sometimes I can be.

Do you have a gf/bf? Yes
What's their name? Andy
How did you meet? When I went to meet my friend Ben for the first time
When did you meet? November 11, 2000
When did you start dating? November 12, 2000
Whats the longest relationship youve been in? 9 months
What is the first thing you notice on the opposite sex? The eyes, teeth, and hands
Describe your perfect date: We go out to eat (I pay), go anywhere that my boyfriend wanted to go, then go to either ones houses and hang out there either alone or with friends for the rest of the night
Describe your perfect man/woman: There is no perfect man let alone woman
Best thing a bf/gf can give you: Their honesty and trust
Your definition of love: Just having someone who likes you for you and can be there when you need them. Having someone who you can trust and listen to you.
What do you look for in a friend? Someone wholl be cool to hang out with, wont mind the stupid shit I do, like at least something I like, can be trusted.
Who are your best friends? Nichole
When did you meet? In second grade when I first moved to Fargo.
How did you meet? I sat next to her and she was the first person to say hi to me.

10:45 am
I'm sorry for what I said, but I dont feel bad for saying it
On Tuesday, I was pissed. I still am pissed. But I know that some of the things I din't mean to be as blunt as they were. Most people that know me well enough know that I can blow things out of proportion when I'm pissed off. But I'm sorry for saying what I said. But like the subject says, I dont feel bad about it. I've tried my hardest to do everything to please them, but it doesnt work. I just got a letter yesterday from Nichole explaining to me as to why she hates Andy. Basically it came down to this: If Andy comes Josh isn't going to come. How lame is that? Come on people!! We're all 15-17 years old here!! When are we going to get over that 'Oh if they come i'm not going to come because I dont like them' bull-shit? I still like Josh as a friend, but I think that he should'nt be able to have the power to make that decision of who's coming and who isn't. It's not his party, and he should be glad that he's invited.But enough of talking about old news.
Yesterday was so fun! Me, Andy, Bryce, and Jenny went to Space Aliens and played DDR. I sucked at it, but god damn!!! Bryce is amazing on that thing. We stayed there for like two housr and grabbed something to eat on the way out. After that, we all hung out over at Andy's until him and Alex had to go to KUMDO. Me, Jenny and Bryce were watching and SWEATING OUR ASSES OFF the entire time. But it was cool though. Me and Jenny want to join KUMDO in the fall. That would be fun because then I could get back into shape. On Saturday, I'm going to go to the KUMDO Tournament with Andy. I think that Bryce is going to come along too, if he remebers that is. But god, I like Bryce alot more than I used to. And Jenny is cool as hell too. I just hope that Bryce thinks a little more highly of me than what he used to.(Even though I'm not too sure as to what he thought of me in the first place)Well, I suppose that I'd better go and take my shower and wake Andy up.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2001
7:48 pm
Never trust a female, expesially if they're your friend
You know what? I get why guys hate dealing with us so much. We are the lowest of low creatures that for some really fucked up reason enjoy causing havok in others lives. Not to mention that we are the biggest bitches on earth!!!!!!!!!!
To sum it up, I hate females right now. Well, I take that back, I just hate two of them. I will have them remain anonymous, but with the reasons I'm about to give, i think it might be obvious to some who I'm talking about.

1.Recently I haven't been as vocal with the two as I was before. Each time I'm home (which is more often than what they think)I try to get a hold of the two to do something. They always stall and then I just give up and end up doing jack shit. But later on I would try to call them just to talk, and sure enough they would be over at "Donalds" house. Then they try to tell me that they tried to call and I "wasn't home" or "Jeff was on the internet". Sorry!!!! But each time that they say that, the phone didn't ring once and Jeff WAS NOT on the net.
2.One enjoys making stories up. I hate it when she goes into story mode because sure enough, I'm the main character. This one likes to assume ALOT which she thinks will add to the story. I hear about these little tales from "Michael" which he assumes is the almighty truth because apparently she speaks nothing but the truth!!! I try to confront her about and she tries to tell me that it never happend or else "Michael" heard her wrong. I'm tired of looking bad because of those bogus bull-shit stories. I'm FUCKING FED UP!
3.The other one is always in the middle. But when it comes to sides, she choses everyone elses side. My only problem with her really is that she's very gossipy now and is starting to become very moody. I feel as if I cant trust her with anything I say because I know that it will go strait to "Donald" and he convinces her that I'm wrong for this and shes stupid for feeling a certain way about something.

I'm severely upset that I've been nothing but the best friend I could ever be to those two, but I've gotten nothing in return. I'm here for them when they need me and I've helped them with countless things, but all I get is no response and "Don't worry about it. You dont need to make it into such a big deal." Considering I have more important things that I worry about than a stupid tv show with some band on it and some ass-hole faggot that they dumped over 5 months ago!!! I still want to be friends with them I really do. But I just need things to go back to how it was. Not have to keep quiet when I walk into a room. Be friends again, instead of two friends and a third wheel.

11:11 am
To sum up what I've been upto
-Been working
-Been hanging out w/ Andy
-Got my permit
-Dyed my hair pinkish red
-Got depressed
-Got un-depressed(if that makes any sense)
-Thinking over things in life
-Hating Tabie more and more by the second
-Missing Tabie more and more by the second
-Thinking "What is the meaning of life?"
-Trying to figure out just what the fuck I want to do with my little life
-Missing my friends
-Hating my friends
-Trying to figure out if I'm getting a cold or if it's just sinus problems
-Went and got Alex a birthday present
-Gave Alex 5 bucks
-Wondering "Am I really too much of a bitch to people and not realizing it?"
-Thinking of how much I would really like to try and be friends w/ Bryce, Eric, Adam, Paul, Cassie, and Phil.
-Updating my live journal
11:00 am
To sum up what I've been upto
-Been working
-Been hanging out w/ Andy
-Got my permit
-Dyed my hair pinkish red
-Got depressed
-Got un-depressed(if that makes any sense)
-Thinking over things in life
-Hating Tabie more and more by the second
-Missing Tabie more and more by the second
-Thinking "What is the meaning of life?"
-Trying to figure out just what the fuck I want to do with my little life
-Missing my friends
-Hating my friends
-Trying to figure out if I'm getting a cold or if it's just sinus problems
-Went and got Alex a birthday present
-Gave Alex 5 bucks
-Wondering "Am I really too much of a bitch to people and not realizing it?"
-Thinking of how much I would really like to try and be friends w/ Bryce, Eric, Adam, Paul, Cassie, and Phil.
-Updating my live journal
Wednesday, July 25th, 2001
6:43 pm
This week so far has been rocking so much!!!! First of all I've been able to actually get the sleep I deserve, I've been hanging out w/ Andy(YAY!!!), I've been putting in good hours at work, I'm part of Andy's D&D campaign (I'm a Cleric elf). Then tomorrow I might be taking my permit test and I also get paid tomorrow too!!!! AGH!!!!! Its so good to just be chillin out for once and doing the things that I want to. That how I want the rest of the summer to go: stress free and just chillin. But since I haven't been able to get on the net in a while, heres what I've been upto. On The 20th, I got out of summer school and as far as I know I gots me a 'B'. I hung out w/ Andy, Derek, Ash, and Ben most of the weekend(not all at once, but on seperate occasions). Then on Tuesday, Andy started a D&D campaign w/ me Alex and Ben. Were still going to finish the game we started, but today me alex and Max started a new game. Andy was such a good GM and this was his first time too. Well, my mom is bustin my balls to get off the internet. Ta ta!!

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